The first step of THE 75007 has left a valuable footprint

The first step of THE 75007 has left a valuable footprint

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A successful start

The opening exhibition of THE 75007 has come to a successful conclusion, with more than 1,500 visitors over the course of a week and a lot of buzz on social media. Most importantly, it was not just a static viewing of the works, but a time for everyone who met at the exhibition to share various inspirations, opinions, and enjoyable experiences with each other.

The end of the opening exhibition also marks the beginning of THE 75007 in earnest, and we promised everyone that we would be able to share "new experiences like never before". Because the world's first metaverse department store will of course be filled with the best technologies and trends, but its foundation is essentially people's support and expectations, and we wanted THE 75007 to be the first to be built squarely on your perceptions and imaginations.

The birth of a great collaboration

We struggled with how to tell you about the birth of THE 75007. While many companies and services talked about the use of metaverses and NFTs and ambitiously challenged the market, it seemed like they couldn't overcome the social preconceptions represented by the esoteric nature of technology and coin investments. We needed to communicate the value of THE 75007 like never before to those who have yet to realize how Web 3.0 will change our future while demonstrating our technical capabilities and clear vision to those already familiar with the Web 3.0 ecosystem.

It was a very challenging task, but in the end, we were able to finalize our plan for CloneX's holographic runway. The good news is that we enjoy doing something that hasn't been done before and adding an engaging touch to it, rather than the traditional and familiar. Having one of the world's most recognizable metaverse avatars, CloneX, walk the runway in the real world wearing the latest collections from some of the most sensational brands in Korea, and then bringing it to life as a three-dimensional hologram, was a happy challenge for us.

The CloneX Runway Edition NFT, which we will soon issue to visitors, will be their ticket to enjoy the many experiences that THE 75007 will offer in the future. While we have many projects in the pipeline, we will always look back on our last opening exhibition as a reminder of what is most important to us: we will always be one step ahead, bringing customers and brands closer together and realizing the full potential of Web 3.0, as the opening exhibition's name "Ticket to the new vibe" implies.

Enjoying a variety of contents

In addition to CloneX, THE 75007's unique IP, Nuef, was also a big hit. Nuef lenticular cards were given out to visitors, featuring Nuef's appearance depending on the viewing angle, while Nuef removable stickers gave visitors a chance to create different Nuef collections by chance, giving them the scarcity of real-world PFP NFTs. Nuef figurines were also scattered throughout the exhibit, recreating Nuef's various appearances in THE 75007.

The smaller figures were free for visitors to draw or doodle on. As the exhibition progressed, all of the smaller figures were left with their own marks, as we wanted to recreate some of the characteristics of the Web 3.0 ecosystem, where anyone can participate and create content. A short commentary on the exhibition, a drawing by a 3-year-old visitor who will live in a world where the Metaverse is more commonplace than it is today, and a professional illustrator who came to visit, all added up to a unique personality.

Not only that, but all of our visitors actively participated in the Metaverse world. When we went to the third floor to see the Clone X holographic runway, all of the shoppers enjoyed the fictionalization that they were using a teleportation zone instead of an elevator to get to the 11th floor runway of THE 75007. Their open-mindedness was rewarding for us, as the Metaverse Department Store requires a high level of immersion to create a positive experience.

Symbols and details were key to filling the not-so-small showroom. Our collaboration with "Chalie - Walking with Chalie," a popular health and fitness app, symbolized the positive impact we will have on individual lifestyles in the future. We also wanted to embed more interesting meanings throughout the showroom, such as a cafe that paid homage to NFT exchange Opensea and special desserts that reflected the world of CloneX. We wanted it to be a place where you could find more inspiration if you stayed still.

What's next for THE 75007?

Now we will continue to work on various projects along the roadmap, with our own PFP minting and metaverse building following closely behind. Above all, each floor of THE 75007 will be a metaverse department store with different emotions and atmospheres, filled with valuable experiences for everyone, not just a select few.

Even now, THE 75007 is discussing greater possibilities in various areas and preparing for new projects. You don't have to travel far to join us. THE 75007's community is waiting for you, and that's all you need. In the world of the metaverse, where you are is where THE 75007 is.

This brings you a new vibe. THE 75007