THE 75007 is the world's first metaverse department store

THE 75007 is the world's first metaverse department store

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We live as ourselves through our lifestyle. The moment I go out into the world with a clear taste, my values ​​and philosophy separate me from others. No matter what others say, we always want to have new and wonderful experiences through our individual lifestyles, and expect all traces to prove our existence.

That's why we love brands that look like us. Of course, in real life, connecting with the brands you love isn't easy. You always listen to the brand's message, but in fact there are products on display, not live brands. But now you need to go one step further and speak to the brands first and listen to their answers. Because you deserve it.

THE 75007 is not interested in simply displaying the brand's products. Instead, we focus on connecting you and the brand beyond the constraints of time and space. Our carefully selected brands suggest a new lifestyle and offer you a whole new experience. There is only one reason, all brands of THE 75007 are ready to respect you.

This brings you a new vibe. THE 75007