THE 75007 is brings you a new vibe

THE 75007 is brings you a new vibe

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THE 75007 is a Metaverse department store. Through NFT membership, we connect you and the brand beyond the boundaries of online and offline and provide you with various experiences. THE 75007 is a collection of brands that propose a new lifestyle through fashion. But there was another criterion. We wanted a smart brand. A brand that knows that a customer relationship doesn't end with a purchase, it starts with a purchase. That's why all brands of THE 75007 want to communicate and share experiences with you. The reason why we were born as a metaverse department store is because we wanted a great brand to have a multi-dimensional interaction with you, not a one-way communication.

Maybe it feels a bit strange. I know it's a department store where you can meet attractive brands, but why do you need metabus and NFT? What the hell is the metaverse department store talking about and what value does NFT membership have? Above all, what can you enjoy and experience at THE 75007? Before I tell you one by one, I want to make a promise first. This brings you a new vibe. THE 75007 will give you a new experience. That's why we were born and that's our essence. Believe in this promise and read it to the end. All the wonderful things in the world are usually born a little strange and awkward. Until someone as advanced as you shows up.

What is Metaverse Department Store?

Metaverse refers to an online, 3D, and virtual space that connects users from all aspects of life. A world that is different from the reality we have seen or imagined in novels and movies for a long time. That's right. As technology develops, there are more and more services that talk about the metaverse these days. However, the reality is that it is still difficult to meet a perfectly implemented metaverse. However, that does not mean that the current metaverse is an incomplete and worthless concept. Trying to use the latest technology to integrate parts of your life online and give you an experience like no other is enough in itself. It is the same concept that THE 75007 brings a part of the lifestyle of fashion and brand experience to a virtual department store.

A department store is a place where many brands are located and sell a variety of products. In THE 75007, which was created by adding the concept of the metaverse, you can interact with certain brands or other people beyond just viewing and purchasing products. All the values ​​of socializing, discussing, talking, sharing, and creating through fashion are here. THE 75007 is a department store of experiences created by brands that offer a variety of lifestyles and everyone who creates their own lives. By the way, anyone can visit THE 75007. However, in order to create various values ​​with a stronger relationship between you and the brand, you need one other thing: NFT membership.

What is NFT Membership?

If you have a membership in a brand, how can you prove it? Traditionally, brands have to record your personal information, issue a membership card, and verify your identity and ownership every time you enter. However, online or virtual space, this method is not effective. This is because anything can easily be duplicated, tampered with, or replaced with something else of equal value. However, NFT means Not fungible token, a non-fungible token from the name. Once owned by someone, NFTs will never be changed, duplicated or tampered with by anyone else. It is the most efficient way to prove ownership online or in a virtual space.

Therefore, membership can also be issued as NFT membership and prove ownership. However, NFTs do not exist in the form of certificates or contracts proving ownership. Generally, NFTs exist in the form of visible digital artwork. For example, it could exist as an illustrator's painting that exists online. Or it could exist as an in-game item. Even if it exists in the digital world, it is NFT that recognizes the uniqueness of the world as in reality and at the same time has value as an asset and collectible. And THE 75007's NFT membership exists as a unique character, NUEF.

If you want a membership of THE 75007, get the one and only NUEF in the world right now. Since NUEF is a unique NFT membership, you can participate in THE 75007 anytime without your name, social security number, or contact information. It doesn't matter what name or what you look like. NFT membership proves that you deserve to be with us. The way to sign up for NFT membership is also not very different from reality. Just remember that we are in an imaginary department store called the Metaverse. From the virtual wallet, take out the virtual currency and purchase the NFT membership. That's all.

THE 75007 NFT Membership Value

After listening to the explanation up to this point, it seems that NFT membership is no different from a Costco membership, Coupang Wow or YouTube Premium that enables rocket delivery, or even an admission band worn on the wrist when participating in a festival. you're right. Except that it has a digital artwork, NUEF, rather than a physical certificate that customers can touch. Rather, there is something more important than that. Right away, NFT membership is optimized for the digital environment, and the range of experiences in our lives is infinitely broadened in the digital environment. We call this vast world the Invisible Lounge located on the 12th floor of THE 75007.

With NFT membership, you can enjoy and experience the value of various brands more closely at Invisible Lounge beyond the limitations of time and space. For example, a fixed discount on a specific brand of THE 75007, as well as forming an online meeting with people with similar tastes, participating in the development of new products of the brand, meeting limited edition concept art first, You may also have meetings with stakeholders. Until when? As long as you don't lose your love for the brand and don't transfer ownership of the NFT, THE 75007 will never forget its relationship with you.

This brings you a new vibe. THE 75007