If you want a new vibe, connect you with these brands

If you want a new vibe, connect you with these brands

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We love brands that propose new lifestyles, strive to keep their own philosophies, and above all, believe that fashion is a medium that connects people and values. Brands with a coherent message when followed through a collection can sometimes feel virtuous. So THE 75007 connects them with you. I hope there will be a message worth reading and responding to, who are looking for their own color at the border of personality and trend.

COOR is a brand that encases the essence of fine apparel with minimalistic design.

COOR's style gives a clear answer to those who pursue simple, harmonious beauty and naturalness that anyone can share. In addition to the essence of clothing, there are numerous ways to express a brand's personality, but from the perspective of COMMON ORIGINS, which COOR refers to, all of them sometimes seem redundant. COOR's philosophy is not to add style to the inherent essence of clothing, but to capture the essence itself in minimal design.

Trendy fit, calm tone-down color, material that is faithful to its original function, and classic pattern are all things that explain COOR, but at the same time, it is questioned. 'What more do we need?' Concerns about lack of detail quickly disappear with the elegant silhouette and sensuous texture created by COOR, and the quality faithful to the essence is revealed in the minimal design, which is stubbornly maintained even in various designs that seem experimental at first glance. It stands out.

THE 75007's 3rd floor MINIMAL may have been a space for COOR from the beginning. New attempts pouring down like a waterfall, and values ​​that are difficult to keep centered in the chaos become clearer once again when they return to the essence. Just like the cycle of our lifestyle, where we keep adding more and eventually returning to emptying. The values ​​of universal essence do not change over time.

LTEKS is a high-end urban performance wear designed to adjust and adapt to various environmental conditions.

A new way for fashion to approach essence is to challenge the most fundamental human needs. If fashion is the traces of humans adapting to and surviving the environment around them and overcoming the challenges of survival, LTEKS can be said to be a brand that exactly follows that trajectory. Lifetech of LTEKS, which can be proud of its true overcoming of resistance to the environment, is perhaps the brand that most strongly reveals its attachment to life and is a source of inspiration that helps to shed light on the aesthetic value of technology.

The theme of LTEKS, which clearly shows the direction of the brand through the expansion of high-end materials, shows the rational connection of various materials within the keywords of practicality and protection. In addition, it would be a more appropriate understanding and approach to view the three-dimensional patterns and ergonomic silhouettes unique to LTEKS as a technological attempt to focus on humanness rather than being buried in functions. The brand's commitment to producing the best performance is heavy, but the style is light and elegant.

Modest aesthetics focused on the essence is always the lifestyle that THE 75007 pays attention to. However, it is interesting to note that the goal of this life is not satisfaction and stagnation, but a constant desire to rise and a rational struggle. The style of LTEKS resembles the attitude of an actor who has strong energy but who is more organized than anyone else for his work. At the limit of rationality and reason, there is something that attracts people.

Mardi Mercredi
Mardi Mecredi means Tuesday and Wednesday in French.

Mardi Mercredi's philosophy of pursuing a sensuous yet easy-going mood will never mean a fancy sensibility that easily volatilizes. Mardi Mercredi has a relaxed atmosphere that doesn't go against the lines of different tastes, and you won't get tired of seeing it every day. This name, which reminds me of a street in France even on Tuesday and Wednesday, which is achromatic for everyone, even feels rather cheerful. Mardi Mercredi's unique color is the freewheelingness that permeates calmly even without grandiose shouts to do what you want to do.

The flower motif, which began with the simple conviction that there is no woman who does not like flowers, shows how well Mardi Mercredi understands the free and cool sensibility. The unique mood that intuitively recognizes what is important and captures the details with sensuous color schemes does not require any difficult explanations or persuasion. Just as there is no need for difficult logic in how to appreciate flowers, Mardi Flowers are no different.

If there is a sensibility that visits us with the most light steps, it must be Mardi Mercredi, so if I have to fill the week of THE 75007, I will leave Tuesday and Wednesday to Mardi Mercredi's senses. What is certain is the sensory expectation that Tuesday and Wednesday will be filled with different variations every time, and the fact that it will be full of pleasant empathy that anyone can feel that it is Mardi Mercredi's performance.

This brings you a new vibe. THE 75007