From February 9th, we will give you a ticket to the new vibe

From February 9th, we will give you a ticket to the new vibe

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Event: Ticket to the new vibe
Schedule: February 9-16, 2023
Location: MetaZ Seoul B1F, 412 Apgujeong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
- Program -
Clone X Hologram Runway
THE 75007 Opening Exhibition

*The first 1,500 people will receive the Clone X Runway Edition NFT, and those who hold it will receive the whitelist rights and benefits of THE 75007 Membership NFT.


Since the WEB 3.0 revolution, we have been able to expand the realm of ownership beyond online and offline. So what do we want to own? THE 75007 paid attention to increasingly diversified lifestyles. A vibrant lifestyle ranging from fashion, music, art, sports and numerous activities soon existed as a cool brand.

So THE 75007 was born. We are a lifestyle department store that exists through NFT and metabus technology. Direct communication with the brand, the promise of the brand only for you, and the spirit of the brand that you experience independently of purchasing are new values ​​that ordinary department stores cannot contain. This opening exhibition is the first step to inform you of this.

Who is it for

Lovers of all things cool and hip are always welcome. It's okay if you don't know much about NFTs and the metaverse. It is designed as a space where you can understand the value of the brand with your senses rather than your head and your intuition rather than reason. Filling this world with unprecedented experiences is what THE 75007 does best.

Those who are interested in NFT and metaverse are of course welcome. I believe that you will understand the purpose of THE 75007 better than anyone else. I hope you can come and chat a lot. Because we believe that you will be our partners for a long time to come.

What is interesting

  • Clone X Hologram Runway
    The 3D character Clone X, created in collaboration between NFT studio Artifact (RTFKT) owned by Nike and legendary Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, is here. A hologram depicts them walking down the runway wearing outfits from the charming fashion brands COOR, LTEKS, and Mardi Mercredi.
  • THE 75007 Opening Exhibition
    We introduce the purpose, values ​​and roadmap of THE 75007 with delicious drinks at a cafe decorated with futuristic sensibility. In addition, you can get a glimpse of the attractive appearance and interesting story of NUEF, the IP character of THE 75007.

See you soon

The slogan "Ticket to the new vibe" holds several promises to you. One is that THE 75007 definitely brings a new vibe, another is that it's just the beginning, and the last one is that you all deserve this ticket and create a better lifestyle. I'll be waiting for you. Don't hesitate. The more wonderful experiences that have not been in the world, the more unfamiliar it is for a very short time.

This brings you a new vibe. THE 75007