Create a digital wallet and have a cool experience

Create a digital wallet and have a cool experience

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It is a simple and clear process for you to enjoy THE 75007, purchasing an NFT membership with cryptocurrency in a digital wallet and experiencing an unprecedented experience through the community. A digital wallet is not only a place to store cryptocurrencies, but also your own NFTs. The various experiences that can be enjoyed through THE 75007 do not distinguish between real and unreal, but remember that NFT membership itself is a digital asset purchased with cryptocurrency. We are going through the process of creating your own digital wallet from now on.

There are many different types and types of digital wallets. The wallet to be explained today is Metamask. It is a wallet that can store and manage cryptocurrencies and NFTs and is used by more than 21 million people worldwide per month. Metamask, which was created to help as many people as possible easily use cryptocurrency, is easy to use even for beginners, just like its purpose. It's not difficult, so try following along from now on.

1. Install Metamask

Install Metamask from the official website. It can be used in various Internet browsers on PC or mobile environments on iOS or Android. Now, let's install and use it on the commonly used Chrome browser on PC. Select Install MetaMask for Chrome below.

The Chrome Web Store has tons of extensions that you can integrate with. Extensions allow you to use additional features in Chrome, and Metamask is one of them. In the next few steps, we can easily eject the digital wallet from Chrome. Select Add to Chrome in the top right.

Ask your choice one more time. Select Add Extension. After adding, MetaMask will start automatically.

If Metamask doesn't start or you see an error message, refresh your Chrome browser and look for the puzzle-shaped icon in the upper right corner. A sneaky fox will be watching you from where you manage your extensions. I choose this guy.

2. Create a wallet

Finally, we start metamask in earnest. FYI, this fox follows your mouse cursor. It's quite cute, so I play with it until I'm not sad, and then I choose to start.

Developers are asked to submit anonymous data in order to improve Metamask. Either way, it has nothing to do with privacy. Select the desired response between I am fine and I agree and proceed to the next step.

Are you new to metamask? Yes, and we want to create a wallet. Select Create Wallet on the right.

Create a secure password for your wallet. Agree to the terms and conditions and select Create.

A video explaining how to protect your wallet will appear. Please watch the video and read the English description on the right carefully as this is an important content. To recap, when creating a wallet, we receive a unique secret recovery phrase, which should only be known to us and must never be lost.

Select the dark lock area in the next step to see the secret recovery phrase. The secret recovery phrase consists of 12 English words. It's the only way to solve problems with my wallet. Write them down in two or three safe places. Burying them in the ground isn't bad either, but I wouldn't recommend it.

Because you have to get it out of the ground again... A verification process is required. Select and enter the secret recovery phrases in the correct order. If you forget the order, it's okay to go back and check.

You will see a congratulatory message. Read the instructions carefully and go to the next step and you will be able to use your wallet.

Of course, the wallet is still empty. I see 0 ETH (Ether). But the tedious process is over and only the fun remains. We are now going to fill this wallet with the cryptocurrency Ethereum and purchase the desired THE 75007 NFT membership.

This brings you a new vibe. THE 75007