Brown City Tycoon was started for your dreams

Brown City Tycoon was started for your dreams

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THE 75007 is the world's first metaverse department store, a platform that connects brands and users with engaging and valuable WEB 3.0 projects. From the beginning, and always will be, our question has always been the same: how can we connect brands and people in the name of WEB 3.0, and how can we create new experiences within it?

And at some point, we realized we had a different perspective. We started thinking about the 'what' and 'why' before we started thinking about the 'how', because we were excited about the possibilities that technology offered, excited about the future, and confident that we could do great things with what we had. The first time we showcased this was at the opening of THE 75007. When CloneX, which existed as a PFP, started walking down the runway in front of us as a hologram, wearing collections from domestic fashion brands, we saw so many happy faces. That's when we knew. That we were right.

That's how Brown City Tycoon started, too. Everyone wants to spend a romantic night with a drink, in a place of their own in this crowded city, where they can forget their worries for a while. But many people's dreams of "what if I had my own whiskey bar?" surely run into the barriers of reality, and they wake up in the morning knowing that dreams are just dreams. But we always say that we don't care about the boundaries between virtual and real, we take on creative challenges. And we don't just mean the superficial concept of creating a metaverse world or implementing 3D graphics. We also take on creative challenges by making things possible that would be impossible in real life.

Brown City Tycoon is a DAO project that runs a real-world whiskey bar, a private space where only holders can enjoy exclusive privileges. Once the project is launched, holders will make all the decisions to create the best whiskey bar possible - from the name, to the location, to the interior, to the operations, to the whiskey selection, to the expansion - by putting them on Snapshot's voting agenda. And surprisingly, that's all they have to do.

The decisions you make will be executed in the real world by Brown City Tycoon's operations team and expert collective, so all you have to do is talk about your whiskey bar fantasies, sip your whiskey in a space where your fantasies become reality, and enjoy having your own space in the heart of Seoul. We understand if it feels like a dream. But it's definitely a reality. If you become a part of Brown City Tycoon.

On May 2, 2023, concierge purchase consultations will officially begin for Brown City Tycoon's private sale. Request a consultation in the bottom right corner of THE 75007 website and we'll help you get in on the action. The reason for the private sale is to push the boundaries of existing NFT projects and build the project's completeness and full premium, so we want to prioritize those who can contribute to the DAO community.

This doesn't mean that we're judging you, we just want people who can collectively envision the unique future value of Brown City Tycoon, and we want people who can bring different perspectives and talents to make the whiskey bar great. To do that, we've chosen to do what we call a concierge consultation, and I'm sure you've got a lot of questions, so please feel free to drop by. We hope we can talk a lot and build some trust.

This brings you a new vibe. THE 75007